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Best Marijuana strains to deal with Bipolar Disorder

Publish Date: August 4th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.
Best Marijuana strains to deal with Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder is a health condition that manifests as episodes of depression and mania. People with Bipolar Disorder experience intense and extreme mood swings. From feeling energetic and overactive one day to feeling extraordinarily lethargic and downbeat the next day, a patient with Bipolar Disorder experiences it all. Bipolar Disorder is extensively a personal experience, and the intensity of the mood or episodes can vary from person to person. While dealing with the health condition, it is challenging to take potent medications for everything. As discussed previously, marijuana and Bipolar disorder have a strong relationship that can ease the symptoms of the health condition. Even scientists have claimed that while studies, patients with bipolar Disorder have shown positive results. Let us get familiar with the best strains to deal with the health condition.

Best Marijuana Strains for Bipolar Disorder

  • Lamb’s Bread Lamb’s Bread is almost a pure Sativa strain, and that is why it is primarily recommended as a mood-lifting strain in medical marijuana circles. This strain comes from Jamaica and contains almost entirely Sativa of approximately ninety-five percent. Lamb’s Bread strain provides a sweet and powerful cheese aroma that is practically impossible to disguise. It contains up to 17% of THC content. Consequently, the sour undertones fill a room, and if a secretive smoke is required, ensure to take it far away from an inhabited area. It is a great daytime smoke that is known as the “perfect smoke.” Individuals usually take this strain in the morning to get the desired burst of energy. It is well known for providing that potent sense of positivity and can also enhance productivity.
  • Blue Dream Blue Dream strain is an ideal choice for elevating a person’s mood. It is well known for providing the relaxed and happy feeling that makes it everyone’s favorite, and surprisingly it is becoming a recreational favorite too! Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain with sixty percent of Sativa with other types, and it contains around 17-24 percent of THC content with a small amount of CBD only. This strain was first used in California and is a cross between Original Haze and Blueberry strain. While the strain contains high THC levels, it is not usually used as a means of getting high. Instead of this strain, the consumers prefer to chill and enjoy the calming full-body effects provided by the marijuana strain. The consumers enjoy its berry flavor and sweet taste with a touch of sourness.
  • Maui Wowie Because of its name, this strain comes from Maui’s Hawaiian island. Originated from the Sativa plant native to the islands, it is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain, including approximately eighty percent of Sativa and THC content around twenty percent. This strain may help individuals attain a euphoric state collective with an energy burst that lasts for a few hours. Many individuals claim that this strain helps in boosting creativity and enhances focus. The individuals consuming this strain get the tropical island experience when it comes to its taste and scent. The citrus and sweet smell is indeed a joy to behold and is a foremost choice due to its creamy taste, which endows with a delicious fresh pineapple hint.
  • Headband Headband strain is well known for providing the relaxed high. It is an Indica dominant cannabis strain with approximately sixty percent of Indica and contains a THC content of up to 27%. And even the weak versions of this strain have around twenty plus percent of THC, so you need to tread carefully. This strain gets its name from the intense brain fog it can cause, and several users experienced that it puts their minds at ease for some time. It’s a cross of OG Kush and Sour Diesel that offers around 2-3 hour high and eradicates stressful thoughts. This strain rewards the individuals with an excellent citrus flavor that is so refreshing and tangy. Also, there is a slight creamy aftertaste that is often unusual but exceedingly pleasant at the same time.

Can I take any of the strain to deal with Bipolar Disorder?

Yes, but only if your medical doctor recommends it to you. Just because you read it here or somewhere, you cannot take the risk of consuming it without any consultations. Apart from the best strains, there’s a lot more to consider, which the medical doctor of the state generally evaluates. This may include the reaction with the current medications, tolerance power, strain composition, and several other factors. This is why it is essential to take medicine with medical doctor’s recommendations and legal permissions only. And when legal licenses come into the picture, a medical marijuana card is the crucial document required to save you from legal issues.

Final Thoughts!!

The research to find out the relationship between Bipolar Disorder and medical marijuana is still ongoing, and some of its results have shown positive effects on the health condition. The researchers are continually up to figure out which strains are suitable for use and can effectively treat the health condition. Ultimately with the positive results of previous research has increased the number of bipolar patients to choose medical cannabis as an effective means of curbing the symptoms. However, they are recommended to select it with medical recommendations to take note of the appropriate dosage. Stay connected for more!